Who I help

I work with men and women who are suffering from chronic pain and are tired of the lack of results that they are getting from their current management program.

They are looking for answers but every corner they turn seems to yield the same results.   They are intelligent and are in their right mind but are just plain tired of being treated as if their condition is just all in their head because the physician just doesn’t have an answer.

They have been suffering so long that they have reached their brink and hope has become a lost cause.    No one seems to understand and no one seems able to provide the comfort they need but they continue to do what they can.  A life shackled to medication that only makes things worse but too painful to live without has become the norm.  They despise this but plead for it when their dosages run low because there seems to just be no other way.

Can you relate to this?

  • You have a chronic condition for which the physicians can find NO cause.
  • After many diagnoses with negative results your physician thinks it is all in your head.
  • You have hopped from one doctor to another and have tried one modality after another both alternative and conventional but nothing seems to help.
  • You take several different medications that work for you temporarily and this is negated due to the additional problems that they have.
  • You have reached the point where you feel that you just can’t take it anymore but there is nowhere else to turn.
  • You find it too difficult to socialize with others because of your painful condition.
  • At times you find yourself being very sharp with those you love but you excuse it because you are the one who is suffering the most and they just don’t understand you.
  • Sometimes you just wish that you were not alive so you don’t have to endure this suffering you feel all the time no matter what you do or don’t do.

Together we can establish a plan to:

  • Help you realize that the power for change already lies within you.
  • Help you learn the vital importance of listening to what your body is already telling you about your current painful condition and teach you how to develop actions to work with it and not against it.
  • Teach you to analyze the aggravators to your painful state and not focus so much on the pain itself.
  • Help you to automatically keep your body in a state of calm so that when the pain arises you will have more control over the intensity of it.
  • Help you to regain confidence in yourself so that you can move past your obstacles and begin living your life fully again.

Are you ready to begin your journey to a less painful life?  If you said yes then contact me to set up a 50 minute complementary consultation.